activation and self-employment in dementia: Interview about the singing liesel with a Christian young man

Aktivierung und Selbstbeschäftigung bei Demenz: Interview über die SingLiesel mit Christian JungermannWith the progression of the disease dementia seems to remove patients from their relatives and the nursing staff – the contact is severe. Especially for members of this condition is hard to deal with and often hard to understand.

The sing liesel GmbH has found with their books a way to bridge the gap to dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. With the sing liesel-the book series is dementia a joy to ill be prepared, and a layer to be created on the members and patients can communicate with each other and feel connected.

When Christian young man from the sing liesel GmbH, I got informed in more detail about this project and to me the most important questions to answer – and to win something.

Mr young man, what exactly is the sing liesel?

The sing liesel is, in short, the “book that sings”. So the old lady, which you can see in our Video, described the sing liesel.

The sing liesel is a sing-along adventure book series for people with dementia. The sing liesel builds on the recognition that the musical memory let in the course of a dementia disease last.

In each Band, the singing liesel three folk songs are represented to a certain topic, which can be played via a Button. So there are for example. different sing liesel-volumes-to-wall songs, or singing songs of spring. Each song has been lovingly and with plenty of time illustrates typical Details. In addition, a “3D Element”, for example, a door to Open or the pigtail of the singing liesel can be found on each double page. Thus, the fingers have something to “Play”, just because of the so-called nestel urge not untypical for a demential disease.

The sing liesel is so stimulating to a multi-sensory book, the Singing, the Look and Feel.

What is in your opinion the primary objective of the sing liesel?

The primary objective of the sing liesel is to prepare the people with dementia joy and sing liesel helps family members and caregivers about the music to find a access to people with dementia.

What did you and your colleagues to call the sing liesel to life?

The trigger for the development of the singing liesel numerous personal experiences that have shown us the importance of music for people with dementia.

What criteria do you decide which songs will be part of the sing liesel?

It is crucial that the songs were sung in Childhood and youth. For the selection we have interviewed, among others, music therapists and nursing professionals, which songs are particularly familiar with. During the recording for the sing liesel we always had the target in view. The songs are, for example, sung a little slower and deeper.

Of course, we are interested in how the books are adopted, and how the experience of singing liesel. You will get Feedback from members of Affected or maybe even of staff in nursing homes?

We have taken into account from the beginning, the Feedback of the Affected as well as family members and nursing staff in the development of the singing liesel. Also, after the singing liesel is now on the market, we regularly receive very positive feedback that we have published on our website.

There is a tip, because you and your colleagues relatives dealing with dementia on the way.

With a view to the sing liesel and the importance of music in a dementiell disease, our tip is to not be afraid to sing with the dementia. Even if it is not, itself, perhaps the text or the opinion is not to have a beautiful singing voice, music and Singing to create a closeness and the singing can support liesel.

Aktivierung und Selbstbeschäftigung bei Demenz: Interview über die SingLiesel mit Christian JungermannFor more information on sing liesel finds her

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