A patient saves his ambulance

This is the story of a guy with cancer who saves the life of his ambulance.

You have probably heard of this week of this patient, who was on his way to the hospital in VSL for a scanner on the hospital of Lille. This patient is called Christian Turnips, 60 years old and suffers from late-stage cancer. On the road that leads to the hospital, his… driver ? (paramedic), Jean-François complains of not feeling well and feeling pins and needles in the hand. That makes me the diagnosis fast ?

He saves his ambulance

In the meantime, Christian has to make a good diagnosis by asking a few questions and soon realizes that Christian is having a heart attack. He has the idea to give two of his own medications, thinning the blood, and the other stabilizing the heart rhythm. Question : You would have done confidence, knowing that he had no medical prescription ? Non-joking aside, doing this gesture he has surely saved his life. Meanwhile, Christian took the wheel and started in the direction of the emergency. The doctors will then a stent to the ambulance.

Dubbed then the hero of Berk, it will be unfortunately bad news after his scan that he will confirm the poor prognosis of his disease. Christian then declares : “I removed the stomach, but evil has spread to the liver, ” he explains. I had chemo, two operations and it leaves me really hopeful. My days are numbered, he adds, but morale is intact. “As for his feat,” everyone would have done “, concluded he. Not sure Christian, not sure…

In any case, for once, welcome the patient who has saved a life…

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