A nurse emergency assaulted

Un infirmier des urgences agressé

This has not escaped person, the story of the nurse of the emergency hospital of The Conception in Marseilles is being attacked by a knife during his service.

Reverse assaulted in the er of Marseille

The story is simple so it is a printing face to a banal story of our daily lives, yet a story to tell for the other… But they have not yet seen anything of our business. Quickly : A fight opposite several youth to other youth, these same young people come to be treated, after all they also have the right to medical care free of charge, it is in democracy. Except that these young people holding a waiting time probably long and the forelock that the nurse has asked for the identity papers (common procedure to save a patient), causes an altercation that, bravely, will rise up a weapon and go to slice the arm of the nurse. Welcome to a reality on the ground growing. The assault could have been worse, but it is also the psychological impact that is present, the nurse will receive 10 days off of work.

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Since the nurse had lodged a complaint, a security officer made his appearance in the emergency department (as always, we ask for a long time, and instances are waiting for the accident to finally give us what has been ask. Surely he is not useful to trust us).

Thank you, nurse you be taking this knife reacting to the political class, have bulging the chest to show all the other caregivers, the hidden who get hammered and insult every day, everywhere in France in the various emergencies, prepare yourself to have your statue erected finally forget this whole affair. (I hope you read this phrase in the tone and the appropriate level…)

Broaden the discussion further and also note that for the year 2012, more than 11 000 reports of damage to property and persons that were identified in 352 health establishments on the whole territory of the country. 11 000… And the number is increasing year by year, too, because we realize more alert than before and that for 2012 APHP fit in these statistics. Would you want to know the distribution of services in these numbers ? Gift.

The nature of the assault

Good, however a small delivery context is warranted. I speak here of the natures of the violence, because of course an assault weapon-is a serious and shocking, but this represents only 1% of the cases encountered… Is to do just a bang on the mouth must not go unpunished. The attacks are listed in 4 categories : the level 4 is the most serious and represents the violence with weapons up to the crime, it is our case here and represents only 1%. Then comes level 3, which is the physical violence itself, and that represents 51% of the violence listed… Or close to 7 000 health care workers to be put in the skin of a punching bag (probably to relax a little) over one year. Subsequently, it is the level 2 which represents the threat of physical harm with 20% and finally the level 1 with the verbal violence that still reaches 28% (By the way you can check an article on my blog on a verbal abuse which I had been a victim).

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Where to get a type ?

The mapping of violence is rather varied. Without surprise we find the Ile-de-France in first position, and the islands are always a good place to live. Good and because there are a lot of areas, I’m not going to list them all so here is a small summary table.

And your solution ?

Good and after ? What is finally the solution in the face of all this ? If I take the emergency, should there be the presence of the police 24 hours on 24 ? This could relieve the staff will feel safe and secure but it will also excite more violent people and those with alcohol, which will be as soon at the uniform which will have an effect of Tasmanian devil on them.

Or close advantage an emergency ? Airlock security ? Put surveillance cameras everywhere to have the magic necklace that, when you press the button, alert the police quickly ? I don’t know personally, but in any case there must be a solution. Security guards are not the answer to this and I have a bad experience when I was in the emergency room, we called and they could disembark 30 minutes after.

Do not forget…

So do we forget, do not forget. Fortunately, it was a fascinating job, and we love to accept all of this. To all the colleagues of France and navare, I salutes you. Private, public, or liberal, in spite of the insults and the threats, I think of you.

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