A normal day of work as the station’s management in psychiatry – part III

Part III: An afternoon like no other – and yet everyday

It is 12.15 PM and my lunch break is over. In the morning, many small concerns, and tasks are often processed. What belongs to it, is to be read in my last two posts (part I) (part II). As station management in psychiatry I run in the afternoon, most conversations and fewer appointments, which take a but longer.

12.15 PM

I go to my break to colleagues to the service, the rooms and helping in the preparations for the late service. Lunch medication must be dealt. History reports for the morning must be written for all 25 patients. The lunch is cleared away, together with two patients. A Person goes from us to the completion of all patient rooms to have a view of which patients are where, and how to do it.


The Handing over to the late service begins. The number after, we go to the patient file for patient records. The events of the last services to be given, current developments are discussed. New admissions are particularly presented in detail.

In doing so, we are confronted again and again with biographies, in which neglect occurring in the family, abuse, abuse, rape, bullying experience in school, escape experiences, and unfortunately many other bad things. The experiences, the need to make a lot of people seem to have no limits. Our ability to deal with this is to Share. We share our own feelings and to hear each other. Otherwise we would lose the ability to help the patient.


Today is Friday. That is, to Surrender our “flash light”. All the colleagues tell you what happened in the past week, and what is not. This is a Moment in which we mention time and again the private charges. Not in Detail, but it is easier to deal with each other and to be considerate.


My first afternoon appointment is coming up. I agreed with a colleague, an appointment for the “care visit”. As a station on the line, I must keep the implementation of the care system “Primary Nursing”. This means that every nurse, patients are assigned to take care of you, from admission to discharge, and the interface between the professional groups. In nursing rounds, I’ll check with my staff, the record of the patient. Is everything complete and correct?

The greater part of the content exchange. To me, the case is presented in Detail. What are the subjects nurse and Patient are engaged? What biographical information is known? What are the goals to be achieved? There are difficulties? If so, now is the Moment to work together to develop ideas for solutions.

As I have introduced care rounds, were unsettled by some of the colleagues. The fear came up, I wanted to only search for errors. In the meantime, all are glad to have the time to show your Boss what is actually done everything. The appointment is also used to talk under four eyes about open questions and problems.


This Friday is my last day of work before my vacation. We are sufficiently staffed, and I was actually able to do everything that absolutely had to be done before my vacation. I take the opportunity to take a tour around one of my Overtime to say good-bye to a very average working day – without incident, but still do not like each other.

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