A normal day of work as the station’s management in psychiatry – part I

Part I: A Morning like no other – and yet everyday

On my Station, a young adult with personality and trauma disorders, psychological. What we have to do in nursing? The action is harder to imagine than in the somatic areas. A broken leg leg fracture is, as the nursing care of the injury is clear. But what about the emotional injuries?

In care, whether in the somatic or in psychiatry, is not a day like the others. Like a day of the nursing staff in psychiatry, such as my day, as station management may look like, is read in the Following.

08.03 PM

Crap! I agitation up the stairs. At 8 am I will be on Station too late. Off to a good start. Fortunately, no night duty waits for me, wants to go home to bed, because the morning service with us is already since 6 o’clock on Station, the second colleague came around 7 PM.

08.05 PM

On the way to the service room, in the Clinic “care base”, I throw a glance in the dining room. The patients sit at Breakfast together, also has completed the morning service. For the first Time, “Good Morning!” to say.

08.10 PM

Today, we are busy, luckily enough. For the daily clinical patient competent colleague, began their service with me. The two early service colleagues share with us the most important information of the night. A daily clinical patient has a call in night service, to inform that you have now collected enough drugs to take his own life. She wanted to come today but is still in the hospital and then suizidieren. In this case, we speak of the “Act”, the patient is really bad. You trying to die with the desire to communicate that she does in fact, is unlikely. To clarify, we do not decide, you are the chief physician to present the results fortunately, today starting at 9 a.m. a Visitation in selected patients.

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08.15 PM

The early service is for the Breakfast break. I use the phone, parts of the medication to the patient, and am responsive to the concerns of the patients, fair, vital signs, and grab all the documents for the upcoming Delivery. My colleague takes on a new patient and welcomes the other days of clinical patients can start their Day with us at 8 o’clock.


Today is the chief doctor’s visit, and we nurses will discuss the most Important of the last night in 30 minutes. Otherwise, we will take more time. I accompany the Clearing of the Breakfast with two patients. We attach great importance to the fact that the patients improve their social skills and self-evident things, such as the preparation of meals to learn.


I sit in the chief doctor’s visit and not at my Desk, I actually wanted to long sitting. But a patient whose therapist is sick, will be presented. I am their caregiver and therefore have the best insight. Before we ask the patient to do this, should I introduce the case.

09.20 PM

The patient comes to that, and it goes to the question of how long you want to be treated, which topics are the focus and why the patient stays several Therapy in the us has not kept. In the process, personal Details are very. The patient cries and their despair fills the room, so that we feel them. There is a leaden Heaviness. We make clear agreements with the patient. Afterwards, we discuss among us the course of the conversation.

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Meanwhile, I sit at my Desk and have to sift through what is for today is on my to-Do list.

What happens in the morning, read in my next blog post.

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