A hospital, your best linen.

The other day, I heard the nurses angry because a note was received to report a lack of machine and of the problem of the return which had not the air.

Good we knew that we had less of cloth than before but to say that we do not return the dirty linen…. After investigation, it was quickly highlighted that this was an error of accounting.

Yes, but the linen in the hospital very little is said about and yet it is thanks to the machine that the patient can lie in their bed and sleeping in clean sheets.

What makes me smile once again, it is only a week after France Soir released an article about the lack of linen of the PA-HP1. So we were not the only ones and that ultimately, we as the public must be in lack of clothes.

We go our laundry !

So basically, the main argument out of the AP-HP is the volume Hold, one had the right we also ! So it’s fine. Agree the debate on our low salaries and other problems that currently have hospitals disappears with a big fundamental problem that brings us together and allows you to forget a few of our other misfortunes, but to say that we are thieves, it is a little big. They said : “wait, he claims, is that they need it ! and in the meantime, they fly ! “But of course my little lady, we will sell our bed” Hospital in France ” at the market on the corner for 5 cents a sheet. We are wholesale dealers under the cloak of towels and tea towels, white at Barbés.

This is especially a problem in the economy of the hospitals will so badly that it pulls especially and even the linen. It is all about ! Under command of cloths, so more of the under saved. Already we could see sheets of 90 circulated, I let you imagine. When the savings on the food ? Already that patients complain about…

1 Hospitals of AP-HP : a lack of bed linen

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