A history of acting

Une histoire d’intérimaire

It is the banal story of an agency which does not want to work. You think it can’t happen ? And yet, this happens more often than you can believe.

The acting fussy

On this day, the director of care calls me to ask me if I lack a care assistant in the afternoon, that’s what I answer him positively. He sends me so a interim that he has just to hand ! The world is sometimes small, it is true.

After a few minutes, the team to phone me up and asks me to rise rapidly in the service because a certain voltage is installed vis-à-vis the interim. Neither one nor two, I come quickly, and I meet the doctor which part upset, like why ? I go into the office first and met the orderlies quite excited and éméchées and re-enters the treatment room… I barely had time to say hello, that a certain lady jumps out and appeals to me in the amount of the voice quickly. Hop hop ! We know each other ?

After questioning of the why and how, she told me that she does not want to work here, as two nurses for 30 patients, this is not possible. Ah, because they are more ? Yes, but here they are heavy and I don’t want to have a sore back tonight. Okay… where the fact that they work in pairs, they know how to use a lift-ill, for example, that they remember their lessons on the handling and prevention of the back. What good is it ! She will listen to me not.

Why come then ? Why accept and come ? Why get upset and yell ? Especially by showing up in full transmission of the stopping net for you to hear jacter ? In addition to the fact of having a diploma and to be acting (which suggests certain things (work, adaptation, etc.), and not wanting to work, it looks and I knocked. I feel good in my skin me. What bothers me here are two things (that were said) :

  • One does this job for people who need health care, think of them before thinking about oneself. So wanting to get the hell out and leave patients in pain, it is average. Thank you continuity of care and the image that one can give on the hospital in lack of numbers.
  • If it does not work, it does not. If he comes and we realize that we are too lazy to work, we talk about it. It is not his sketch melodramatic shouting in a service appealing to everyone. We are going to see the director of care or a framework to talk to him about that. The health care team, which is already suffering and stress because it lacks a health care aide in the afternoon, did she need to see and hear this ? Now they were excited the whole afternoon. What does one need to generate staff who has not asked ? It is expected to help and it is just the opposite that took place.

In short, that we may be tired of the lack of numbers but if the temps are at this point… This was my rant of the day. Thank you.