a Google Streetview to ask seniors


A CSU-politician, had suggested that Google with regard to questions of their new service “street view” seniors for permission, their houses, etc. – must be located on a photo of the street views shown OR made unrecognizable. Google StreetView has mitfotografiert some of the houses are “inevitable”, but yet every resident by name and address. Addresses, if necessary, Yes, but how would Google know whether a Senior lives or not ? Google could ?for a “senior view” start

First of all: What is a Google StreetView ?

Google StreetView is an extension of the map service Google maps, as well as the Geoprogramm Google Earth. The aim is to enable views in a 360° perspective directly from the street. Google StreetView is simply said, a city guide in the world guide with which you can, for example, the next vacation destination in advance to view, faster to the local toilet, etc.

What is so StreetView is bad to Google ?

Critics claim and have shown, to conceal that the captured photos, which were taken for the StreetView project in-depth insights into the privacy of the people. So would it be possible that the elevated street view masts photos behind the garden fence have been taken, you can see a zoom function, which is precious and valuable treasures to see in the window sills of the houses, etc.

How can you prevent such a release of unwanted pictures ?

Who has no Internet connection or not with elaborate research, the time to waste to write a simple contradiction in Google Germany. In this Letter to Google in Germany, it should be apparent that you don’t want to leave his house and yard on Google StreetView. Of course you should not forget the address of your property, otherwise, such a withdrawal would be meaningless.

The finished write it then send it to the following address:

Google Germany GmbH – subject: StreatView – ABC Strasse 19 – 20354 Hamburg.

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