A decision with heart and mind


We all know question the professional sense: What do I do after my graduation? What training is Right for me? And what will make me in the future happy? We don’t know the answers, and decide us for a way.

I have informed me a long time about different professions. After many discussions and the practical teaching experience I was ready for my application.

But first, I wanted to share this important decision with my family and friends…

Often, the first reaction was a non-believer views

After the first shock has been overcome, a number of questions: Whether I was really sure to want to work in a hospital? Nursing, who would learn to volunteer this job? I should make me strongly reconsider finally, I would not make a lot of money, and my activities would be horrible. Beds refer people to wash – and in General I would be with smells face that no one would want to voluntarily endure.

It is prejudice, I have never thought of it that followed

Some people admitted, however meekly, that he would admire me for it. It would not be easy. The misery, death, and all these sick people. Also, I would have to clean to many people the buttocks. So really, other profession would be so much nicer and “cooler”.

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My decision has not changed

Which is why I write about this Situation? Many trainees have experienced such conversations and it was often difficult for us to ignore the doubts. Finally, was there anyone at the start, the positive facts of this profession to list. But believe me, in the meantime, we can amuse ourselves about it. Yes, in some things you all have had law, but I do not regret it, to complete this training. And to be honest, if I now about my training reports, unlock I many is a source of Amazement and genuine admiration. Because it is so much “cooler” than you have imagined.

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