a 14-days drinking water

Who does not know you ? Currently the “healthiest” TV advertising by a well-known mineral water group ? But not only in TV this advertisement is known, but more and more bloggers are conducting a “14-day “water”drink diary”. I want to be in this sense, not a follower, because I really didn’t want to do it, But due to some nice eMails from blog readers, I’ll try to do a “Why drink a lot important Initiative is not to start”, how exactly I’m going to implement this, I know, but it will surely come the one or other useful tips.

Today / 14:00 the starting shot will fall.

Since I was probably a bit to Spontaneous, the Start will be on Wednesday (the start of the Day)!

I’ll check in from Wednesday for 14 days on my drinking Initiative, also via Twitter. Feed subscribers will be able to drink the category of “Aware” in your feed reader / program to save.

Interested parties can write me an eMail at any time: [email protected] and exchange with me.