4 good reasons to bike to the stop smoking

If you have just quit smoking, regular physical activity can help you to resist the urge of a cigarette. It also helps to combat the different symptoms due to weaning, to get in shape and have better control of your line. But, all the sports are not suitable for ex-smokers and it is advisable to avoid activities that are too intense. In this sense, the bicycle is presented as a suitable activity. Here are 4 good reasons to ride a bike, after you have stopped smoking.

A help against the taking weight

As a sporting activity, cycling can prove to be a valuable ally against weight gain. Indeed, for many ex-smokers, one of the main fears is gaining weight. After the cessation of smoking, it is not unusual to develop a compulsive eating (overeating, eating in larger quantities…), in particular for sweet foods. Which promotes weight gain. Many studies have demonstrated that former smokers practicing regular physical exercises, can better control their weight.

Of course, it is also important to find the right balance between nutritional intake and energy expenditure. Also, please do not hesitate to consult your doctor, in case you need help, or a complementary treatment to the sport to stop smoking. For example, it will be able to direct you to effective products (patch anti tabac as on this site, moderator of appetite, pellets…), in order to put all chances on your side to stop the tobacco.

Get back in shape little by little

Another good reason to ride a bike, is that it allows you to get back in shape gently. Because it allows you to do cardiovascular exercises at your own pace, without being traumatic for your joints. Through the sessions, you will feel your breath back, little by little, as well as your capacity in cardio-respiratory performance and endurance. Thus, you can increase your efforts accordingly. Moreover, it is possible to make the aquabiking, to enjoy both the benefits of cycling and swimming, or stationary bike.


Studies have shown that smoking reduces the body’s ability to build muscle mass. By cycling, you will have the opportunity to develop your muscle mass and refine your silhouette. As an illustration, cycling helps strengthen the extensors of the lower limbs (gluteal, hamstrings, calves…).

If you really want to build muscle mass, it is recommended to use the outputs intense course hilly. However, it is advisable to complete the practice of the bicycle, by other strength-training exercises targeting all muscle groups (cladding, squat…).

Evacuate the stress

In general, exercise helps to release the stress at work, the nervousness due to smoking cessation, better to channel the tension, etc, By opting for the bike in the open air, you join the useful to the pleasant. For example, during a walk or a hike, this is an opportunity to oxygenate and relax in the family, or between friends.

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