24-hour-care provider Should be the company’s headquarters in Germany or Eastern Europe?

A 24-hour care, in the meantime, many families use the services of a 24-hour-care provider, or mediator, to mediate the Situation suitable care workers from Eastern Europe. Thus, it is ensured that a nurse comes in, brings the necessary experience and is also grown in special care situations, such as diseases or personal characteristics,. To find such a provider is not an easy task – there are a lot of questions. Of course, according to quality and qualifications, according to expertise and experience, but also to reliability and price. Not least, however, it is also important to consider where the provider is located geographically, in order to get an optimal 24-hour care.

24-hour care provider on your own residence, at the place of use or in Germany?

In the mobile and globalised society in which we live today, it is often the case, that the Person to be cared for, such as parents or grandparents, a larger geographical distance. A work-related relocation is often the reason. This development is likely to increase in the future.

The decision is taken once for a 24-hour-care, the question is how to find a suitable provider. In addition to the provider, the carer should meet certain criteria. You can use our tried and tested checklists, 24-hour care at home.

Now exist the following variants: – party at your own place of residence, at the place of the Person in need of care, or Germany-wide operating provider.

Option 1: on your place of residence


  • It is possible to have a personal conversation with the provider. You can get an idea of how they work and the nursing staff is selected.
  • Examination of all the formalities on the spot.
  • You can check whether or not the chemistry with the client’s managers or the management.


  • Important is the chemistry between the caregiver and care force is primary. The care force is a use of i. d. R. but not in Germany, i.e., these tend to be desirable and important Situation can not be achieved.

Variant 2: at the location/ place of residence of the Person in need of care


  • If the location is not the own place of residence, there can be no talking, unless you have the time to exercise, make an appointment.
  • Due to the presence directly on-site, the provider is able to make a house visit. Such a Service and the outside service, however, has its price, and is according to our experience, in about 200,00€ per month higher.


  • Because of the distance, you can’t check readily on the spot.
  • Not all providers pay home visits.

Possible Alternative: nationwide providers and recruitment agencies

The majority of providers is not only regional, but teaches in Germany.


  • These providers usually have a very large Partner network and have in Germany the appropriate personnel.
  • These providers are usually tested in the organization (selection and arrival), without personal contact. Make use of appropriate technologies and no longer co-ordinate all of this is precisely because on-site Intervention is usually Yes. Therefore, a professional planning is particularly important here.
  • These providers often provide a ‘house book’ that will help the families with any questions, etc. In addition, many have a telephone emergency Hotline.


  • A personal interview is usually connected with expenses. As a General rule here – as with the other variants, that a telephone or video conference works just as well.

Look at us Germany-wide care intermediary in detail, for example. Linara, SunaCare, Brinkmann care placement, Agency care home, Deutsche Seniorenbetreuung, actio Vita, care of the heart (Saarland), Somedi, Vilena, and Idulo.

Companies with headquarters in Eastern Europe

In the case of the mediation of Eastern European care workers, it is now not rare that companies headquartered in Eastern European countries (e.g. Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, etc.) occur as a supplier in Germany. The reputable 24-hour care providers from abroad set is usually the same on good customer service and offer good quality services.

Many foreign intermediaries now own locations in Germany and rent a ‘digital’ office. Some of them have at least a German Website, although the telephone number originates from abroad. Here is a presence in Germany from our point of view is led to believe often only”. Some also have English-speaking counseling staff coordinates the mediation of the caregiver.

A disadvantage is often that there is no trained nursing staff to take over the counselling of the families and, therefore, the advice with regard to the German Nursing law (care allowance and benefits in kind care level application, maintenance tools, etc.) is not always optimal or not can be made.

To pay is not generally high fees, the beginning of

Distance should be taken, however, of such agencies, the high level of advance payments of your choice – this is not a common practice and can be an indication of potentially untrustworthy provider acting.

As well noisy, you should be, if companies based outside the EU to convey to the nursing staff. Large parts of the possibilities of foreign nurses in Germany, based on the regulations of the EU. Payments on accounts with banks outside the EU are not uncommon and not a common practice in the 24 hour care of the German market.

Conclusion & evaluation

As can be seen: there are for all forms of advantages and disadvantages. You should examine every provider carefully, forms of employment, ask for and the pricing carefully compare. According to our experience, is not the question of whether a provider is operating directly on the ground, the most important criterion. Some families, however, this is important and of course it creates a little bit of security. An immediate change of the support force is, however, of all vendors, more or less, immediately possible.

Our conclusion: scrutiny (a long, long time a 24-hours-care-provider)!

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