24-hour-care: Nourishing from the Eastern and far Eastern countries may not be at a disadvantage

Also the nurse from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic States, the Ukraine, Romania and the Philippines, etc., have the right to regulated working hours, regulated salaries and social security, if you care for our seniors and the sick in Germany and take care of.They often have indigent care in their home, within their families and also children. I once experienced a Polish caregiver in a 24-hour care, the break suffered a psychological together, as the end of their three-month deployment in Germany, the promised Replacement of your placement company just came and you without vacation and leisure to claim round-the-clock in 24-hour shifts should continue.

Statement to the political decision-makers

It is unreasonable to expect that these foreign, nursing colleagues make over months, 24 hours-day shifts, often with poor pay and inadequate social protection in Germany. We call on our political leaders in the areas of health, labour and social Affairs, this “does not allow for two-class society” any longer. Article I of our Constitution says: “The Dignity of man is inviolable”. This is a must have for all nurses valid!

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