24-hour care in the Test of the Stiftung Warentest

In Germany there are several hundred agencies for Eastern European nurses. In order to create an Overview has been tested by the Stiftung Warentest in its current issue (may 2017, “workers from the East”) some of them. The focus is on the mediation itself, the benefits of mediation, the information provided for the customer and the contract design. Nine of the 13 tested, agencies have been provided with the predicate “helpful”. What are the mediators have been tested, what is the cost for nurses from Eastern Europe are and where the results in Detail can read, you can learn here!

24 Stunden Pflege im Test der Stiftung Warentest

The agencies provide 24-hour nursing staff from Eastern Europe ; © Andrey Popov / Fotolia

What has been tested?

A total of work more than about 300,000 caregivers in Germany, a native of Eastern Europe. With the progress of demographic change are taking place more and more well-trained nurses are needed to meet the growing demand.

Since the permanent move to a care home for many of the people in question, is the demand for home care continues unabated. Initially, it is often sufficient even for the simple maintenance and care by the hour for the elderly to engage in care. She comes over for a couple of hours per day or week, taking care of the house work, contributes to society and provides minor maintenance services. Once the practicality of the elderly deteriorates, however, is a 24-hour care or 24-hour care necessary. The staff of this comes in about 20 percent of the cases from the neighboring Poland (Polish nurses). Be imparted to the Supervisory staff of the agencies available to them in the needs assessment, personnel selection and the management of the organisational time and effort for the page.

These agencies on the heart and kidneys to examine was the target of the survey in the current issue of the Stiftung Warentest has been released. Were tested exclusively with recruitment agencies for 24-hour-care workers from Eastern Europe. We’ll tell you which agencies have been tested, which face drawn points in the assessment into account and how the agencies in General have been cut off.

As were tested in the 24-hour care agencies?

In July 2016 266 agencies were asked, in writing, of which 88 responded to the questionnaire. In response, 13 national agencies were selected, which were subjected to the following autumn, a more detailed investigation. For this purpose, a further, more extensive questionnaire was created. In addition, the agencies have been visited on-site to the usual documentation of a mediation. Furthermore, the focus of the testers: a range of documents, randomly selected client files, websites, Agency contracts, service contracts and cooperation contracts.

In the centre of the evaluation were on the basis of the collected information in five main categories: The mediation of services related to mediation, customer information, defects in the contracts, to the detriment of customers and other defects in the treaties. The latter two aspects have been reviewed by a legal expert, extensively questionable, and according to German law, illegal rules. Thus, the main focus was on the legal security and the quality of the mediation itself.

What are the nursing agencies have been studied?

Were illuminated for a total of 13 companies from all over Germany. With the agencies Linara, Rebis, Brinkmann, perspective, Promedica Plus, care the heart, care, home, house, angel, Seniocare24, Sofia care, Diadema, care, Agency, 24 and Second-Life Care. To allow a more detailed assessment, were sent to the company comprehensive questionnaires. In addition, the employees of the Foundation, the sighted test were more than 900 documents, as well as the websites, the information and the contracts of the 13 agencies. The cost of the services were requested in March 2017, shortly before the publication of the test results.

The determined cost of the 24-hour care

The total price for a legal 24-hour care is made up of several individual items. One must, of course, the Polish nurse, self-paid, which is employed in the majority of cases, in the case of a company in their home country. Then brokerage fees, and the cost for the To still account for arrival and departure, and the customer care provided by the respective provider. The information provided by the agencies according to the cost of the 24-hour care are between 1.470 and 3,400 euros per month, although in some cases, the mediation fees will be added.

24 Stunden Pflege im Test der Stiftung Warentest

The cost for the 24-hour-care are available in the tested agencies between 1.470 and 3,400 euros a month ; © Lupo /

What has yet to be addressed?

The article in the may issue of the journal Test deals very comprehensively with the issue of 24-hour care. There are case examples will be outlined, and the reader very well to show how the 24-hour care runs out in concrete terms. In addition, consumers, in addition to the test results and valuable advice, and also a comprehensive check list in the Hand. With their help, you can plan the employment of an Eastern European care is structured and not run the risk of forgetting an important aspect. The significance of the A1 form is correctly made out and described, the statutory minimum wage and the upper limit of weekly working hours and their observance are also the subject of the viewing.

The last is discussed in the journal, the direct employment of the auxiliary power in the household. In this case, you are not only the Principal, but act directly as an employer, the care force – with all the associated Rights and obligations. Thus, both major forms of employment of Eastern European care workers find a place in the viewing. It can, therefore, say that in the article very comprehensive and detailed on the subject of the clock is reported Around care provided by foreign nurses.

The Results

Overall, the majority of agencies performed well. Nine of the 13 companies were found to be helpful in the mediation. The detection of needs and the resulting staff proposals for these service providers is largely satisfactory. Only two agencies were rated in their core competence with related or very helpful.

A less positive result in terms of customer information and contract design. Especially in the case of the latter, often defects have been discovered, which go mainly to the detriment of the employees nurses. In some cases, there was clear evidence that their rights in relation to working hours and rest periods have been eroded from the investigated mediators. The entire results can be found in the edition of may 2017, the magazine of the Test and on the website of the Stiftung Warentest. The web access to the results of a cost of 3.50 euros, the current issue of the magazine “Test” costs in the Download 4,49 Euro and can be ordered for € 5.70. Shipping costs can also be ordered in the print version on the page of the Foundation.

Criticism of the Test of the care home by the Stiftung Warentest

The Test itself is sensibly designed and well structured. The most important aspects, such as the services itself, the consultation and needs assessment, the price and legal certainty, are addressed and discussed. In addition, the article in the magazine provides valuable information that can help the reader in orientation and the search for the right provider. The A1 certificate is correctly explained, the check list will assist in structured search, and the results of the test reflect the range of agencies.

The only point of criticism is the transparency in the selection of the investigated companies. For the Test was requested, for a total of 266 agencies, according to the Stiftung Warentest 88 provider, the start questionnaire and sent back. According to which criteria, then, the 13 agencies were selected, which were actually in the Test account, will not be described in detail. In some of the tested providers, it is a large franchise companies, others are small owner-operated service provider. So is not visible from the outside, which are incorporated in the selection of the thirteen agencies. A Test of 88 providers would in time have been too time-consuming. Nevertheless, it would have been from the point of view of the consumer’s desirable to learn, why this is a good dozen companies under consideration.

Our care Portal, we provide you with a database of virtually all the care agencies and related reviews. These reviews do not come from test institutes, but of customers, and thus, in our view, particularly informative. More to our valuation system for 24-hour care.

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