Monthly Archives: October 2018

Between the heat and hope in South Sudan

Guest post: Health and nurses are also operations for emergency humanitarian assistance in crisis areas are needed. In her second guest post is reported by Raina Klüppelberg, health and a nurse in the Cardiac function in the service of the Asklepios Klinik Altona, by your use of “Doctors without borders” in South Sudan. My first […]

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Back to the speaking medicine

Since some months I’m back in my familiar Department: in the Psychosomatic medicine. There was a place advertised in the management function on a Station. My application was successful. I am very happy to be back on top of me, familiar territory. In the half a year as a Deputy ward Manager on the interdisciplinary […]

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where does the money for the care?

BY SVENJA HORN My last blog post I finished by saying that the work of the nurse can serve on paper to the people. There, I was referring to the aspect of quality assurance. Today I would like to offer a different angle of view and the financing of our nursing services lighting. Who pays […]

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We are a care-Team

In today’s time, the term “Team” is a trend word. In almost every job advertisement team will be “competitive” colleague wanted. Something must be off in these Teams. Evil tongues claim that the “Team” for “Great, another one makes it”. In everyday life this seems to be true somehow, sometimes, or do you have other […]

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We have a right to leisure in the layer service

Layer service – a working time model, which is inevitably connected with all the nursing professions. No matter whether in the aged care facility, hospital, or psychiatric group home. It will be worked seven days a week around the clock. Even in the case of outpatient care services, there are at least a nightly on-call […]

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