Daily Archives: 2018-10-02

Back to the speaking medicine

Since some months I’m back in my familiar Department: in the Psychosomatic medicine. There was a place advertised in the management function on a Station. My application was successful. I am very happy to be back on top of me, familiar territory. In the half a year as a Deputy ward Manager on the interdisciplinary […]

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Ten years in care With child through the training and work

Suitable for the Start of the blog, my entry into the care marks the tenth anniversary. My son is celebrating his twelfth birthday, and I am since two years the station management. Reason enough for me to have the theme of a child and a career in nursing to make it to my first blog […]

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where does the money for the care?

BY SVENJA HORN My last blog post I finished by saying that the work of the nurse can serve on paper to the people. There, I was referring to the aspect of quality assurance. Today I would like to offer a different angle of view and the financing of our nursing services lighting. Who pays […]

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Knowledge: Our care ambassadors in the Video, part 11

Nice, polite, Moody – Steffen Bölkes students are quite different. The various characters he serves as the main official practice leader at Asklepios, and accompanied, will make his Job particularly exciting. It is Steffen’s fun to impart Knowledge and experience to pass on.

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