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Typical words of a shift worker: No, because I have night duty…

Health and nursing takes place in the layer service. Everyone who is in my profession, is aware of this fact and knew, even before his career choice. There are very few areas in nursing where it is not so. This fact presents us with major challenges again. Ultimately, a majority of nurses are still women. […]

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Trainee programs close to

BY SVENJA HORN The Asklepios clinics offer freshly-baked graduates, Trainee programs for professional entry into the hospital management level. There are two interesting possibilities: a Trainee-program in nursing management, and a Management program in hospital management with commercial focus. Our new Management Trainee in the management of the clinic Leona Campina. The 28-Year-old trained as […]

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tips & Tricks for training in the care of: to Learn has to be learned

Guest post: How do you make it through training and examination in the care? Melanie Reinartz ‘s health and a nurse at Asklepios Klinik Nord. Their training was completed in October 2017 successfully. In a guest post, which helped her Learn during the training and, in particular, in the case of exam preparation. You for […]

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terrorism, disasters, and technical malfunctions

In the case of a disaster the hospitals are in demand. Accidents in the aviation, rail and Busunglücke, terrorist attacks, accidents at large-scale events, natural disasters, or technical faults, for example, in the electricity and water supply and much more – our infrastructure must be prepared for all imaginable cases. The hospitals play a big […]

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part 2: The Addiction eats away at the life of Frau K.

FROM FARSHID AHMADI The care of patients with addictive disorders is not easy. Not infrequently, they even set themselves against us as nurses to the military, if we want to support you about the urgent need for the care of the body. Our hope: If we are to avoid that patients appear shabby and unkempt, […]

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