Daily Archives: 2018-09-26

Addiction is a bad disease

FROM FARSHID AHMADI Mental and physical dependence on a substance is one of the most terrible diseases. Usually, the body of harmful substances such as nicotine or alcohol, of which humans are dependent. Very many people in our society have an Addiction, or even several. However, the biggest part, it comes along of them is […]

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Start the training in health and nursing: What to expect

On 1. November start about 100 trainees in the health – and sick care, including ten in the health and children’s nursing, their training at the Asklepios clinics in Hamburg. For this reason, my contribution to you is addressed, the potential trainees. How is the school? 29 of you trainees, I will serve as course […]

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Constantly at work – what gives me strength

The burden of care is on the rise. Not only that, everything has to be perfectly documented in the health-care crisis makes itself felt. It is getting harder and harder to find new employees with a good qualification. That means for most of my colleagues in Overtime. And often, it is always the same, step […]

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Social professions: If it is difficult

Social professions require a lot. Since it is difficult to always stay friendly and nice. My ideal image looks like: I’d like to always like to come to work, always friendly and in good spirits. To welcome I would like to give your employees a reason to be happy and a positive ambiance. The whole […]

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