Daily Archives: 2018-09-25

quality assurance – sounds bulky, but it is exciting!

BY SVENJA HORN The care and support of patients is the core mission of health and nurses. But the treatment of the patients achieved the highest possible Outcome, is another important task of the professional day-to-day quality assurance. With people, not with paper work? I used to look always a bit annoyed when my station […]

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Psychiatric care and shift work: My poor son?

I have to laugh at this Headline. Sounds exaggerated, as already anticipated: So poor my son is not. But many think of it. This is mainly due to the following circumstances: – I went three weeks after birth, already back to school. My son was accompanied by the start offset of a father and mother, […]

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Psychiatric care – Better than its Image!

The most common reaction when I tell them that I am a station Manager in psychiatry: “psychiatry?! This is definitely exhausting!“ What is behind this is usually that hardly anyone has an idea of psychiatric care. The Image: a bunch of Crazy with drugs and fuser belts are quiet, and the staff goes to drink […]

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