Daily Archives: 2018-09-24

psychiatry: an industry of Work behind closed doors

Work in psychiatry: In the case of these keywords, a lot of people think from my known circle, one looks first to the old brick houses with creepy Crazy, as in some movies. Also, I thought at the beginning of my training, to be honest similar. However, over the years, the health care and nursing […]

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care competition: Can you measure whether it is well maintained?

Well, I asked myself this question last year, when it was called: I will represent the Federal state of Brandenburg in the Federal competition “the Best pupil in the Old – and nursing”. The competition mainly serves the improvement and quality assurance of the training in the caring professions. And he provides for recognition for […]

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nurses with a Walker – the coming reality?

The life expectancy in our country increases. We will all live on average longer than the generations before us. At the same time families in Germany, since decades, fewer and fewer children. Germany is shrinking. What this means is that more and more older people in need of care come less and less young, who […]

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