Daily Archives: 2018-09-20

In the care: The Team makes the difference

When I started in the Asklepios clinic St. Georg in my training, I knew the daily difficulties in the nursing profession. Staff shortages, Overload – everything that can happen. And all of these things were aware, and yet, I decided to go for the Job in care. Why? Each Individual can change something. By your […]

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In the night service: The care is not sleeping

The care is a 24-hour Job. I need sleep, actually, very much. This has always been so. Eight to ten hours per night were not uncommon. But with the first child everything changed abruptly. Suddenly, two to four hours ranged on the piece. Somehow, anyway. On some days, the deficiency could not be compensated, other. […]

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I am a teacher of nursing!

In my profile on this site, station Manager until Recently: in the Asklepios clinic North/clinic for personality and trauma disorders. Eight years of nursing in psychiatry. And now? Longing for a new challenge I’m reluctant to still need a regular source of new challenges. Without me in front of the career choice of thought into […]

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