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The narrow ridge: empathy in care work

Empathy is, in my eyes, one of the highest goods in social Professions, especially in the health – and sick care. It is the art of the Worries and Fears of the patient, to understand your concerns and your Fears – no matter how old you are, whether man or woman, and what illness or […]

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The Job of integration officer: A story with a Happy ending

Guest post: Since the first of April works Alev Gürbalkan as an integration officer at the Asklepios hospital in Hamburg-Harburg. The graduate of Economics and labour lawyer, is the contact person for the foreign workers in the hospital. Their tasks also include the Checking of applications. A case like that it describes in a guest […]

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privacy policy

Privacy policy Privacy is very important to us. The protection of your personal data, we take very seriously. We would like to explain below what information we collect, when, and to what purpose, process, and use. 1. Anonymous data collection and data processing We use the Internet for web Analytics, the open source Tool Piwik. […]

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Thank you for my second life!

There are moments when I have tears in my eyes. They are rare, because I would describe myself as being very controlled people. A few months ago was one of those moments. On my Station, I was greeted by a colleague with the sentence: “We have received a letter from Mr Schulze*.” (*Name changed) Mr. […]

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