Daily Archives: 2018-09-11

Work, where life begins

BY SVENJA HORN Today I would like to give you an insight in our obstetrics Department in the perinatal centre, Altona (PNZ). For there, too, care. All of my information for this blog post, I got first-Hand from our experts, the Senior midwife Gesine Grabichler and the nursing Director of the week station, Betty Groth. […]

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work in the ICU Between life and death

Since I did my training to be a nurse, and have passed quite a few years. In these years I got to know a lot of people. And what has influenced me much more – fates experience. Fates seared into the memory I work in an intensive care unit. This activity has shaped me, without […]

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Doctors and nurses: Together we are strong!

Again and again we hear that the collaboration between Physicians and nurses works so well, not at eye level runs out – as they say. This is supposed to be one of the reasons for the dissatisfaction in the nursing profession. But it’s also different! If both sides do it only once, to each other […]

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