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Overcoming the stress due to the applied psychology

Active people and even the students are now familiar with the different manifestations of stress. Insomnia, incontinence, or even anxiety, its effects are felt by the individual under stress, but also by his entourage. In order to prevent a burn-out or to avoid having bad relationships with his loved ones, it is better to learn […]

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deafness : it can affect at any age !

The loss or diminution of the heard more commonly called deafness is a pathology, see a disability, which can touch the human being at any age. It causes and degrees differ, so the various aids to remedy fully or partially. The causes of deafness There are several causes of deafness in Humans who have a […]

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The different specializations for a nurse

The vast majority of nurses is employed in hospitals or clinics, but there are also nurses in medical offices, in schools, etc… Their role is important. The main task of the nurse is to assist the patient from A to Z, that is to say, the day of his entrance to the hospital on the […]

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nursing Care : all about the hygiene of the patients

Body hygiene is important, even more when you fall ill. Especially the cleanliness for yourself and the environment can both protect themselves from getting a physical well-being and cheer. Personal hygiene for physical well-being and morale of patients During the convalescence of the patient, the nurse has two goals, ensure the hygiene of the patient […]

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nursing Care : tips to lose weight healthily

Many experts will tell you definitely that being overweight is not healthy. Indeed, in the case of health, this situation can result in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or back pain, and many other health concerns. Also, to be in good health, it is recommended to lose weight to achieve her weight. And […]

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