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Maintaining its articulation with the band of contention

Health is a precious commodity that it is necessary to take care at any time. Good blood circulation is an essential factor to the health of everyone. This is why the activities and therapies designed to improve or maintain the fluidity of the blood circulation are more numerous. How to manifest this poor circulation, and […]

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First year of medical university: a short guide

Hello! I decided to do a short review of the first year at the Medical University. Mainly, it is addressed to those who have just entered the honey and do not quite imagine what will happen next. I hope my article will help you to adapt. About anatomy First of all, of course, you are […]

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pulse oximeter

The pulse oximeter is an instrument that enables us to measure how fast the saturation of hemoglobin arterial oxygen and to detect possible complications. Equipment is used more and more by health professionals, due to its simplicity and its performance, some doubts remain nevertheless about the measures and the results that it gives. How does […]

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The nursing home, a specialist at your service !

The job of nurse at home is much more than a job, it is a vocation where the relational occupies a very important place. He has the role of providing nursing care at home to care for the sick and ensure their well-being by occupying the following functions : To listen and provide psychological support […]

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A Grenoble, emergency tranforment ring

A doctor of the emergency room of the hospital Michallon, at Grenoble, was violently attacked on Sunday in the end of the day by friends of a patient. The reason for this ? This patient has been placed for some time in a room without a window. So yes, this may shock. But also know […]

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