Daily Archives: 2018-09-05

dementia – causes, symptoms and care

According to a recent survey conducted by the DAK, most of the Germans are afraid of a dementia disease in old age. This is a disease in which nerve cells and nerve cell contacts are reduced. Different symptoms of dementia occur. Doctors distinguish various types of Dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s dementia is widespread. Causes of dementia […]

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seniors ‘ needs: The best everyday helps

Many everyday tasks can be with age, becoming more and more difficult. Things that used to be, of course, are now without the help feasible. This does not mean, however, that senior citizens must do without or with these limitations in life. From the need some ingenious entrepreneurs have developed products, the old people help […]

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24-hour care in the Test of the Stiftung Warentest

In Germany there are several hundred agencies for Eastern European nurses. In order to create an Overview has been tested by the Stiftung Warentest in its current issue (may 2017, “workers from the East”) some of them. The focus is on the mediation itself, the benefits of mediation, the information provided for the customer and […]

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Polish nurse – What you need to know

It is well known that trained and experienced care workers in Germany are scarce. The demand for trained and motivated nursing staff, both for stationary as well as for 24 hour care in the domestic environment, is significantly larger than the human range. There are several reasons, one of which is in the pecuniary area, […]

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