Daily Archives: 2018-09-04

Someone dies – what are the tasks?

Here at care blogger, it goes mostly to the last years of a (hopefully fulfilling) life. But what comes after? Someone dies, not much time remains for the survivors often Grieve. As painful as the loss is, there are still some tasks pending with the death of a loved one. The first tasks First, the […]

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Psychological Tests: Important instruments of psychological diagnostics

Psychological Tests are created by scientists, meaningful instruments for the collection of personality traits. With their help, diagnostic questions are to be answered according to the Existence of a mental problem. Components and validity of psychological Tests Serious Tests consist of the aspects of implementation, evaluation and Interpretation. For the implementation of the spatial conditions, […]

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training levy in the care of the history, pros & cons

I’ve written here in the Blog have often come about: The shortage of skilled workers in care already exists and will be even bigger. And in the last two articles in page came up in the comments and on my Facebook-really set the mood. I had the combined then Yes again. The day before yesterday, […]

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