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More than 600 24-hour care agencies listed

Comparison portal for 24-hour care, continues to grow The independent comparison and review site remains on a growth path and approaches the goal, to be the first point of contact in the rapidly growing market for 24-hour care. Transparency through database of over 600 agencies and offer Service On the Online Portal can inform […]

Read More for the Health Media Award 2015 nominated

The nomination made us happy, with Pride we can now announce that it is the Portal on the Shortlist of 8. Health Media Award 2015 managed. So that we may make us legitimate hope on one of the coveted “Health:Angel”. The award ceremony will take place on 12. June 2015 at the Beethoven house […]

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24-hour care and care for Alzheimer’s and dementia

He comes slowly – the loss of all those skills that make life worth living. With the growing life expectancy of people, the number of dementia and Alzheimer’s grow-disease, and therefore, the need for 24-hour care at home. In the following guest post care work explains why the 24-hour care is also meaningful in terms […]

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marvel – the liver

What tasks does the liver ? The liver is a vital Organ. It makes nutrients for the organism, recyclable, and regulates the metabolism of the body. It stores carbohydrates in the Form of glycogen and proteins and makes them available when needed. It detoxifies the Body toxins and drugs. It stores hormones, vitamins, iron and […]

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Living in old age – how do I find a suitable retirement home?

I published a few months ago here on the Blog in advance of an Interview. In the course of this interview, I have occupied myself intensively with the online to find information around the topic “Living in old age”, because on there are also old people’s homes and residences for senior citizens that advertise […]

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How useful is a death benefit insurance?

Many relatively young people to think about a advantageous Precaution to have to come back later and at an advanced age – no unpleasant Surprises. The measures taken were often made of products such as a private or supplementary pension insurance and life insurance. About the own death and the associated costs, no one thinks, […]

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