Daily Archives: 2018-08-27

How useful is a death benefit insurance?

Many relatively young people to think about a advantageous Precaution to have to come back later and at an advanced age – no unpleasant Surprises. The measures taken were often made of products such as a private or supplementary pension insurance and life insurance. About the own death and the associated costs, no one thinks, […]

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How do I find the best care facility?

What is it in the selection? The correct and personally responsive care facility must be selected from several perspective. For the Affected it is the section in the rule on the permanent stay for his last life. He deliberately, and against this Background, it should correspond, if not all, but most of the wishes and […]

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How a bubble arises on the foot ?

A further question, which arrived via e-mail. You treated a in the summer, recurring “Problem”: How bubbles (the feet) ? First of all, can arise only blow on the feet, but also in other regions of the body. By the “constant” friction (if you buy for example new shoes), is rubbing the top layer of […]

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What is zinc ?

A legitimate question arrived recently via e-mail, namely, what is of zinc. Zinc would only be one kind of metal, and what all this has to do with the care (see the Slogan of the care blogger blogs) ? Here is my answer: What is zinc ? Zinc is, in fact, a bluish, and base […]

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What is perception?

Jürgen Nießen / Matching to my first retreat to the Old nurse, and to answer a received question by a blog reader: Perception is a Mental process by which man information from its environment (external perception) and from its interior (inner perception). The human being has 6 senses(institutions): eye (see), nose (smell), skin (feel […]

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What is Validation ?

Validation is a method of verbal and non-verbal communication. In particular, for the old and confused people, the one about the Cognitive impulses is not (any longer). In the case of the Validation of the emotional content and the associated behaviour of the confused people will be taken seriously and validated (validated) to analyze, assess, […]

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