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The eye – function and injury

The eye is an important sensory organ of the human body. In this entry, I would like to take a closer look at this miracle of the human body. The eye can much For our orientation in the environment, the eye takes on much more tasks than we realize. So the eye via nerve connections […]

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God the nurse made

Than the love God created the nurse, he made already the sixth day working Overtime. An angel appeared and said; “Lord, you put it but a long at this figure!” The love God replied. “Have you seen the long list of special requests on the order? You should be as a woman and a man […]

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home or in home care?

When a person becomes in need of care, then he needs to be taken care. Sounds easy, is in truth anything but a simple matter. In the space of the decision, whether this care takes place at home or in the home. Both worlds have advantages and disadvantages, and a case-by-case decision, because you will […]

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Living in old age – living forms

In age, life circumstances change and may require a new way of living. Many older people want to or can’t live alone and find the connection to other people in the immediate vicinity of your residential area. Others are dependent on constant help, and thus to a form of accommodation that allows for you. Forms […]

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what is the effect of medicinal plants?

The Standard of today’s herbal medicine is high, their history goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. Ancient writings from China, reports on the use of medicinal plants, and many of these experiences are, even today, 5000 years later, still up to date. In part, the historical insights were discarded, many, however, confirmed. With […]

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Twitter Updates 2010-04-11

Smoked salmon as the ice cream is very used to.. I’ll stay with vanilla.. # New comment: We were good in time! # New comment We were making good time! # Powered by Twitter Tools

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