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Twitter Updates from 2010-03-07

RT @Health_de: No agreement in the minimum wage in the care…. # RT @NetDoktorDE Who wants to tell us the opinion? We invite you to a focus group discussion to Munich! # If you are interested in an #eMail #mailbox: ? # Thank you for the follow! RT @BildungswerkBV: New to Twitter: […]

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senior housing – What is it?

Many people depend in old age on apartments that meet your specific needs. One then speaks of so-called senior apartments. These are usually purchased by senior citizens sixty-five years of age. Under certain circumstances, such homes, when required, can be obtained even earlier. Characteristics of a senior apartment As a senior apartment referred to, must […]

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nurses – How to get affordable help?

While in the policy in the speech from the health-care crisis is doing the rounds, prepare many family members to maintain as close relatives. The family is disintegrated with the Association or the members, are already created problems. The care home is always more expensive. Many people in need of care want to be cared […]

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common cold: causes, symptoms and prevention

In our care – and health-ABC is below the “e” is for “cold”. A cold is an infection of the upper respiratory tract and manifests itself with a runny nose, cough, hoarseness, and sore throat. It is also known as the flu infections, but it has nothing to do with a virus flu. The symptoms […]

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stay Young – three simple exercises for seniors

To be fit at his age, wish for many seniors. However, by the movement apparatus, we remain in the Golden years of life, so mobile possible, you have to do quite a bit for it. Many seniors already do this by Swimming a lot, Hiking, or Cycling. But that’s not all, what older people can […]

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What is 24-hour care for seniors?

It is a fact that people are getting older and older. At some point, the elderly or the disabled, and ill people need more help than to give your relatives and friends in the location. This often means that the care needs to the needy in a nursing home or a retirement home to move. […]

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