Daily Archives: 2018-08-03

The role of nurses in case of death

Whether in hospitals, retirement homes, or at home, nurses are essential for the proper functioning of patient care. But when these patients die, what are the gestures and words to follow for a nurse. The announcement of the death When death occurs, the first thing to do is to see. Or, more precisely, of the […]

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The role of caregivers in maintaining seniors at home

In the Face of aging and the progressive loss of autonomy, a vast majority of the elderly issues the desire to continue to live at home rather than be placed in a retirement home. If we must respect this choice, the maintenance at home of persons of fragile health raises real issues of security in […]

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eat, Sleep & Sex – The difference between the sexes

I just found while Browsing on the website of the Medical Observers about an interesting study that I find really strong. I need to write something and, therefore, here is a summary of this wonderful study on the difference between men and women – at least when it comes to the daily thoughts of food, […]

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Weekly 2 article

Source: JMG / Dear readers of community care blogger blogs. For some time there were many of the usual every 2. Day an article in the Blog to be found, which I, for reasons of caution then to 3 articles / week, reduced for every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. How many have read it […]

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