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Small gifts

When one receives a small gift from the family of a patient, one is always happy. We feel we did a good job, that they are taking good care of the patient, etc… Most of the time, you get chocolates. It should be number 1 on the list of things to provide the staff, then […]

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what is a nursing liberal?

You want to access the job of nurse status to liberal or an employee, the training course to follow is identical. It is important to obtain prior to a general degree, regardless of the chosen option (S, L or ES) or a bachelor of technology (STL or ST2S). All sectors of the bachelor’s degree can […]

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what is chlamydia ?

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection. It is caused by a bacteria known as Chlamydia trachomatis, and is one of the sexual diseases the most common. Find in this article the definition of this sexually transmitted infection is Chlamydia, its symptoms and ways to treat it. Definition of Chlamydia Chlamydia is, therefore, an STI (sexually […]

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What mutual choose when one is independent nurse ?

The occupations of health have their share of risks, and the fact of occupying such a position should certainly not provide the appropriate insurance cover. What are the choices of mutual for independent nurse is to be done ? What are the specificities of the social protection for this kind of professions ? Here are […]

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ONI : The mess nursing is no more !

You’ve probably not noticed – or maybe if – but the Ordre national des infirmiers (ONI) has just been reborn from its ashes. In addition to the fact that a good number of nurses do not adhere to the order, we speak all the same, 80% of non-registered 500,000 nurses in France. Mps voted last […]

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