Daily Archives: 2018-07-28

wearing a lab coat medical for nurses

In hospitals, clinics as well as in all other hospitals, we saw always the nurses in their lab coat medical. That may be color white, blue, pink, green, or gray, wearing his overalls is compulsory. It allows the protection as well of the nurses that of their patients. To limit infection Wearing a gown is […]

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The fugue of the patient

One day or another, we’ve all been faced with a fugue. Not the kind that you can see in the media, or that of your 14 year old son because you have arguments for a banal story of Nutella not closed, no, I will talk to you about the fugue, of a patient of your […]

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It’s back !

Today, for manynursing students, it’s back in the IFSI ! Especially for the new kids who come into the 1st year (the dates of back to school being different, I’m not going to make an article every day ;p). I would like to tell them that it is not necessary for you to consider your […]

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A history of acting

It is the banal story of an agency which does not want to work. You think it can’t happen ? And yet, this happens more often than you can believe. The acting fussy On this day, the director of care calls me to ask me if I lack a care assistant in the afternoon, that’s […]

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