Daily Archives: 2018-07-25

Good to know on the requirements of nurses

The law grants to nurses and nursing staff the right to administer medicines and prescriptions, under their own responsibility. However, given the complexity of their profession, they must meet some requirements concerning their skills and vigilance. In addition, they are required to respect the ethical obligations that are imposed in connection with the exercise of […]

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Letter to the Syringe !

Did you know ? The blog nurse is officially open for over 4 years… time goes by so fast. And you are still so faithful year after year, tens of thousands each year. Thank you ! Then it is time to make a balance, we need to talk. Don’t worry, there’s nothing bad ! […]

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Intox : Video of a nurse French assaulted by a stranger

When one knows the discomfort around of nurses and the number of suicide is increasing, for a year one becomes aware that the nurses were attacked in their work, we know that Marisol Touraine does not care much about it, we now know that fachosphère has decided to take the opportunity… You probably have seen […]

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Marisol Touraine is elected…

This is the return ! This is the return ! And who are we gonna talk about for the new year ? Our Minister of Health, Ms. Marisol Touraine ! Then I see you behind your screens you say : – But are you expecting him to do some advertising to speak of it ! […]

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