Daily Archives: 2018-07-23

5 minutes to save a life, it is easy !

Today I was sent a video. The Dr. François Dupuis, a Physician at Geneva and Medical Director of the School of Health in French-speaking Switzerland has made a nice video through his school. It shows you in just a few minutes how you can save a life as easy as possible. Fun and playful, this […]

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Preparing for his comeback as a nursing student

It’s back to school ! And for the nursing students, too, who smile to the lips and anxiety at the stomach returned for the first time in their IFSI. Is it going to drop in a promo nice, what head have the trainers, what is the program and especially how to behave. What is a […]

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Get his degree license

This is a question that the former arose during the implementation of the new program and then have not responded, believing that it will give them time to decide how to put us ” on level “. Yes but a few years after, the former wake up again and are increasingly asking : “But how […]

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