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The framework and trainer on MSP…

Today, I made a MSP. Oh cry, you should not be surprised, it is a MSP health care aide. But what I’m talking about, this is not the MSP itself, or of the student, but the trainer. And come on, a trainer who will take for his grade ! To each his own eh, people […]

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How aesthetic medicine can restore life to your face ?

It is a type of medicine that brings together all of the medical acts the purpose of which is to change the physical appearance of a person. Not to be confused with cosmetic surgery, which is performed by surgeons and not doctors. It intervenes in the treatment of wrinkles and scars, hair removal on the […]

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Why to perform a maternity test ?

Thanks to the latest advances in technology and the emancipation of some of the laboratories, tests for genetic are now accessible to all. Well-known to the public, the paternity test (in order to find the biological father) is now very widespread. The maternity test, for its part, deserves a bit of lighting : In what […]

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In what case is the use of the overboots ?

Mandatory equipment in the clean room, the overboots are a must to avoid any contamination of a place barren by the feet. The choice of overboots and the protocol to use must meet certain standards to guarantee effectiveness. In what case is the use of the overboots ? Find the answer below. When and where […]

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back pain : the main causes and solutions for the relieve

Electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, computers) have changed our habits of life. In effect, they occupy our daily lives. We are addicted because we find that they facilitate our lives. However, this dependence at a price : the sedentary lifestyle. A body that is not expended, is a body that will encounter many problems : […]

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Buying medicines on line : the precautions to take

Buying medicines online is a practice more common. Simple, practical, often less expensive, avoiding to move and to make an appointment with a doctor, this is the solution that more and more people choose. But you have to be very careful, especially with prescription drugs, because the online pharmacies are increasing and few are reliable […]

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