2. Blog action: Hello I’m Sören!

2. Blogaktion: Hello I'm Sören! On Friday, it rang with me at the front door. A glance through the peephole told me that it was the Post with a small parcel in his Hand. I opened the door, signed for the receipt of the package and noticed a “gentle” rustling.. There came to me the first thing that had announced a visit from the sheep hill..

Quickly, I tore off the cardboard and then he jumped “on” me: a visit to The sheep hill number 1! I present to you: Sören! Sören is a very curious “little sheep” – how do I know ? Sören had given it to me. By a nice employee of the Sheepworld AG he hears that it’s a kind of “exchange student” is searched, which is a lot of desire to travel and extremely Curious seollte. And as reported by Soren to place ?

After Sören and I are now fairly well met and Sören hardly wait for may, loszureisen he will probably “already” this week, his first pack Charter, and to his first destination (the unfortunately, something very short list of) breaking up – The destination is only on the day of departure to betray!

At this point, I would like to once again extend heartfelt thanks to the Sheepworld AG thank you, what Sören as a “mascot” of this little (un)important blog action “sponsored”. As to the first 3 participants!

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