14-day conscious give water to drink [7]

It is done! At least almost.. Today, all the project participants can celebrate the mountain, because half of the action “14 days (aware) of water to drink” is reached. Congratulations to all that participate daily! The total amount of water supply according to the Plan, is now: 12250ml.

Did you know that:

  • the Human body is 70% water ?!
  • that a man has drunk with an age of 80 years, an average of 50,000 liters of water ?!
  • that water represents, among other things, an important significance in various religions ?!
  • the water demand in sporting activities and / or hot days, up to 7 – 10 liters of can increase ?!
  • that excessive water can lead to consumption of a water poisoning ?!
  • water is one of the most important elements of life / of the earth ?!
  • that life according to the current state of knowledge in the water ?!

Water – more valuable than all the riches in the world!

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