14-day conscious give water to drink [6]

We come today / now to the official 6. The day of the blog action “14 days (aware) of water to drink.

Who has mitgetrunken to this day, diligently, has now drunk 10500ml (aware of) the water.

More Drinking Tips:

  • For drinking consumption you should alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages don’t count, as these speed up the urination process (the auslscheiden of urine), so that the body can hardly save liquid.
  • Similarly, you should avoid heavily sugared drinks. Due to the enormous sugar content, they harm the body more than they do the body good. This one should really enjoy only in moderation.
  • You do not want to do without, however, entirely on fruit juices, etc., so it is recommended to dilute in a 1:1 mixture. 0.5 liters of Apple juice in a 1:1 mixture contains, for example, is still about 125 kcal / Depending on the variety.
  • Sentenced to long wrong, also boosts coffee with regular enjoyment of the Living of the body by enhancing the body’s water balance. More than 3 – 4 cups a day should not be drunk, otherwise they will cause unnecessary water loss from the body.
  • Who likes to drink a glass of wine, which should drink a glass of water, the alcohol and the associated loss of water in the body to balance.