14-day conscious give water to drink [11 + 12]

Also as an Addendum, the 11. and 12. Day of action “14 days (aware of) drinking water”:

Only good for two days, then the 14 days of this little blog action. In the last few days we had set us with some information about the (water)drinking apart. Today I found another nice article, which continues with the theme of “water deficiency of the body”.

What deficiency happens in water ?

If we drink too little (or the Wrong, such as caffeine, tannin or alcohol-containing liquids, as well as diuretic teas), dries out the body, literally. A fatal chain-reaction (see above). It is a headache and dizziness can occur. Already five percent less liquid to make a negative impact. The concentration and co-ordination, the drive and the

Performance can rapidly:

  • Already at two percent fluid deficit (slight sensation of thirst) reduce the stamina and thinking ability
  • four percent (feeling of thirst) to the power
  • six percent (strong feeling of thirst) we feel weakness, irritability, and exhaustion
  • at eight percent, we feel Nausea, and motor skills are impaired.
  • in the case of a water deficit of more than ten to 15 percent, a limit is exceeded, which can be life-threatening.

A good two percent fluid loss (at 50 kg body weight, about 1.2 liters), athletes training in the heat for around an hour (in case of higher body weight and more!).


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