10 Warning signs for Alzheimer’s disease

Early detection of

10 Warnsymptome bei AlzheimererkrankungNot all forgetfulness must be equal to a phenomenon of Alzheimer’s disease. Often we forget where our front door is key, as is the friendly customer Advisor was from yesterday’s phone call, and especially at that intersection should be to the left and then turn right again. Nevertheless, there are certain Warning symptoms, which could be a beginning of the end of Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage. The Alzheimer’s society in the USA, has developed the following checklist with 10 characteristic symptoms and warning signals. Anyone who recognizes himself or a member of the family several of the above signs, you should definitely consult a doctor.

(1) forgetfulness

Everyone forgets something and remembers again. Alzheimer’s patients often forget, not remember and ask the same questions, even though you have already received a response.

(2) difficulties in everyday activities

Affected can prepare a meal, forget to serve it or that you have ever cooked.

(3) language impoverishment

Affected forget simple words or use the wrong names, so that they are difficult to understand. For example, say “that thing for my mouth” instead of “toothbrush”.

(4) No spatial and temporal orientation

Affected get lost in their familiar surroundings, such as residential area, forget how you came to your current location and how to get back home.

(5) problems in the assessment of situations

Even a healthy adult can forget for a Moment that a child under his care to take care of. An Alzheimer’s Patient forgets, the child may be completely and leaves the house. Or he pulls on a warm day, several shirts and sweaters or can’t handle money.

(6) problems in abstract Thinking

Everyone forgets a phone number, but he can look up in a directory. A Concerned white is not, what is the meaning of these numbers and what he can do with them.

(7) publishing of items

A victim can even clean up things in completely inappropriate places, e.g. an iron in the freezer or a wristwatch in the sugar bowl – and you will not find again.

(8) fluctuations in mood and behavior

Everyone has a bad day, but Alzheimer’s patients are prone to change, especially abrupt Mood: Within a few minutes of balance about tears to unprovoked outbursts of anger.

(9) changes in personality

Everybody changes with time, a little of his personality. An Alzheimer’s Patient will change dramatically, and often reacts to the Situation is inappropriate, easily irritable, anxious, suspicious, or in your face.

(10) lack of drive and Initiative

Affected often lose their energy, become inactive, and are only reluctantly not participate in social or other activities. For example, you can sit for hours passively in front of the TV.

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