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Special Sessions

Approved Special Sessions


w879x – Human-oriented interfaces and control of prostheses, ortheses and wearable robotics 1  info
Sub No.  Schedule Code Title Author Session Date Time Track
16 ThAT1.1 Implementation, Control and User-Feedback of the Int²Bot for the Investigation of Lower Limb Body Schema Integration Beckerle, Philipp Regular paper 28/08/2014 09:00-09:20 1
64 ThAT1.2 Comparison of Trajectory Generation Methods for a Human-Robot Interface Based on Motion Tracking in the Int²Bot Schültje, Fabian Organized session paper 28/08/2014 09:20-09:40 1
112 ThAT1.3 Bionic Upper Orthotics with Integrated EMG Sensory Ebrahimi, Amir Regular paper 28/08/2014 09:40-10:00 1
206 ThAT1.4 The Control of Recycling Energy Strorage Capacity for WalkMECHadapt Unal, Ramazan Organized session paper 28/08/2014 10:00-10:20 1


w879x – Human-oriented interfaces and control of prostheses, ortheses and wearable robotics 2  info
Sub No.  Schedule Code Title Author Session Date Time Track
48 ThBT1.1 Learning System for Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand Control by Forearm Amputees Kawasaki, Haruhisa Regular paper 28/08/2014 13:15-13:35 1
134 ThBT1.2 Developing New Frontiers in the Rubber Hand Illusion: Design of an Open Source Robotic Hand to Better Understand Prosthetics De Beir, Albert Regular paper 28/08/2014 13:35-13:55 1
224 ThBT1.3 Developing a Baseline for Upper-Body Motor Skill Assessment Using a Robotic Kinematic Model García-Vergara, Sergio Regular paper 28/08/2014 13:55-14:15 1
249 ThBT1.4 A Novel Robotic Assistive Device for Stroke-Rehabilitation McConnell, Alistair Regular paper 28/08/2014 14:15-14:35 1


3vuq8 – Interactive Learning for Robots info
Sub No.  Schedule Code Title Author Session Date Time Track
31 WeBT3.2 On Using Guided Motor Primitives to Execute Continuous Goal-Directed Actions Morante, Santiago Regular paper 27/08/2014 13:35-13:55 3
95 WeBT3.3 Learning Force and Position Constraints in Human-Robot Cooperative Transportation Rozo, Leonel Regular paper 27/08/2014 13:55-14:15 3
192 WeBT3.4 Learn to Adapt Based on Users’ Feedback Karami, Abir-Beatrice Regular paper 27/08/2014 14:15-14:35 3
266 WeBT3.1 Learning Something from Nothing: Leveraging Implicit Human Feedback Strategies Loftin, Robert; Organized session paper 27/08/2014 13:15-13:35 3


71hv3 - Human-in-the-Loop Robotics info
Sub No.  Schedule Code Title Author Session Date Time Track
105 WeCT2.3 Keeping the Human-In-The-Loop in Production Lenz, Claus Regular paper 27/08/2014 16:10-16:30 2
125 WeCT2.1 How to Support Action Prediction: Evidence from Human Coordination Tasks Vesper, Cordula Organized session paper 27/08/2014 15:30-15:50 2
184 WeCT2.4 Focusing Learner-In-The-Loop Robotics on Training Spatial Skills Verner, Igor Regular paper 27/08/2014 16:30-16:50 2
263 WeCT2.2 Towards the Safety of Human-In-The-Loop Robotics: Challenges and Opportunities for Safety Assurance of Robotic Eder, Kerstin Organized session paper 27/08/2014 15:50-16:10 2


t77b6 - Playware technology info
Sub No.  Schedule Code Title Author Session Date Time Track
97 TuAT3.1 Remixing Playware Lund, Henrik Hautop Regular paper 26/08/2014 09:00-09:20 3
145 TuAT3.2 Playte, a Tangible Interface for Engaging Human-Robot Interaction Christensen, David Johan Organized session paper 26/08/2014 09:20-09:40 3
207 TuAT3.3 Robotic Gaming Companion to Facilitate Social Interaction among Children Hirose, Junya Regular paper 26/08/2014 09:40-10:00 3
253 TuAT3.4 Social Playware: Device-Mediated Social Interaction for Therapeutic Activities Suzuki, Kenji Regular paper 26/08/2014 10:00-10:20 3


jjbtv - Multimodality in Multiparty Interaction with Social Robots: Exploring HRI in the Real World info
Sub No.  Schedule Code Title Author Session Date Time Track
47 TuCT1.1 Coordinating Turn-Taking and Talking in Multi-Party Conversations by Controlling Robot’s Eye-Gaze Takeuchi, Yugo Organized session paper 26/08/2014 15:30-15:50 1
190 TuCT1.2 A Robot As Fitness Companion: Towards an Interactive Action-Based Motivation Model Süssenbach, Luise Organized session paper 26/08/2014 15:50-16:10 1
208 TuCT1.3 Observational Study of Naturalistic Interactions with the Socially Assistive Robot PARO in a Nursing Home Chang, Wan-Ling Organized session paper 26/08/2014 16:10-16:30 1
274 TuCT1.4 Robot Behavior Designed to Encourage Conversations between Visitors in an Exhibition Space Matsumura, Kohei Organized session paper 26/08/2014 16:30-16:50 1


hiu4q - Robots for Mental Potential Development info
Sub No.  Schedule Code Title Author Session Date Time Track
183 WeAT1.1 Rapid Prototyping Framework for Robot-Assisted Training of Autistic Children Kim, Min-Gyu Organized session paper 27/08/2014 09:00-09:20 1
267 WeAT1.2 An Affective Autonomous Robot Toddler to Support the Development of Self-Efficacy in Diabetic Children Lewis, Matthew Organized session paper 27/08/2014 09:20-09:40 1
268 WeAT1.3 Design of Affective Robot-Assisted Activity for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Hirokawa, Masakazu Organized session paper 27/08/2014 09:40-10:00 1
277 WeAT1.4 Basic Controls for Generating Robots Behaviors in HRI Contexts Meddahi, Amal Organized session paper 27/08/2014 10:00-10:20 1


Special Sessions Submissions Moved to Regular Track


Sub No.  Schedule Code Title Author Session Date Time Track
39 FrAT1.4 The Autonomy Levels and the Human Intervention Levels of Robots: The Impact of Robot Types in Human-Robot  Choi, Jung Ju >Regular paper 29/08/2014 10:15-10:35 1
44 TuCT3.3 Tissue Characterization in Medical Robotics Moradi Dalvand, Mohsen Organized session paper 26/08/2014 16:10-16:30 3
84 WeCT3.3 Online Adaptation of Dialog Strategies Based on Probabilistic Planning Mueller, Steffen Regular paper 27/08/2014 16:10-16:30 3
146 WeBT1.4 Designing & Developing QueBall, a Robotic Device for Autism Therapy Salter, Tamie Regular paper 27/08/2014 14:15-14:35 1
213 WeCT3.4 Robot Navigation in Dynamic Environment for an Indoor Human Monitoring Iizuka, Soh Organized session paper 27/08/2014 16:30-16:50 1
220 WeCT1.1 Addressers’ Gesture Changes According to Addressees’ Interpretation of Communicative Intention Yasuda, Tetsuya Regular paper 27/08/2014 15:30-15:50 3
231 TuCT3.4 Vision-Based Robot-Assisted Biological Cell Micromanipulation Karimirad, Fatemeh Regular paper 26/08/2014 16:30-16:50 3
271 FrAT2.2 A Shared Control Architecture for Human-In-The-Loop Robotics Applications Dimitrov, Velin Regular paper 29/08/2014 09:20-09:40 2


Special Session Papers as Posters


Sub No.  Schedule Code Title Author Session Date Time Track
54 TuAM-Coffee-Break.17 Designing Robot Behavior in Conversations Based on Contemporary Colloquial Theatre Theory Ogawa, Kohei Regular paper 26/08/2014 10:30-11:15 Poster Session
83 WeAM-Coffee-Break.15 Robotic Wheelchair Moving with Multiple Companions Arai, Masaya Regular paper 27/08/2014 10:30-11:15 Poster Session
156 ThAM-Coffee-Break.16 Teaching Robots New Actions through Natural Language Instructions She, Lanbo Regular paper 28/08/2014 10:30-11:15 Poster Session
203 TuAM-Coffee-Break.15 Interactive Teaching and Experience Extraction for Learning about Objects and Robot Activities Lim, Gi Hyun Regular paper 26/08/2014 10:30-11:15 Poster Session