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Travel Visa Information

Entry Visas Requirements and Letters of Invitation

The IEEE RO-MAN 2014 Organising Committee welcomes participants from around the world. 

Please find important information below regarding travelling to the United Kingdom.

Under the Immigration Rules of the United Kingdom and in order to attend an academic conference in the UK, nationals of certain countries must apply for a visa before travelling. The list of countries whose delegates require a UK visa can be found under Appendix 1 – visa requirements for the United Kingdom at the UK Border Agency Website.


The UK Visa is processed in your country of residence prior to your departure. Attending conferences is currently classed as a Business Visitor ( activity. It is the responsibility of individual delegates to ensure that they satisfy the requirements for entry into the UK. In order to do that you the delegate should register for the conference. Note that processing a visa application can take up to 12 weeks ( – delegates are strongly advised to apply as soon as possible.

For more detailed information, application forms and guidance notes, please visit the Home Office UK Border Agency website. (

The conference organisers can provide an invitation letter to help with the visa application process. Please contact us via email if a letter is required. 


Please note that we will only prepare letters after a delegate has registered, no letters will be prepared before the registration has been completed.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact: