Public Deliverables

Publishable Summary from Year 2 Report

This is a synopsis from year 2 report to European Comission.

D7.3 SCRIPT2, project-wide integration of the active therapy system


D9.3-Demonstration Plan


D7.2 SCRIPT1, project-wide integration of the passive therapy system


This document details the project-wide integration of SCRIPT1, the passive therapy device. The document outlines the processes established to enable the integration of hardware and software components and the phased delivery of working prototype SCRIPT1 systems to technical and clinical partners and to patient homes.

D9.1 Identify and engage multiplier organisations


This deliverable presents the work to-date towards identifying and engaging organisations that can multiply and enhance our dissemination activities by channelling our results to larger number of audiences. The report presented here captures a number of these organisations, while effort will continue towards identifying new organisations and new dissemination possibilities.

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