Mr. Piet Lammertse

Mr. Piet Lammertse is the Engineering Manager Robotics at Moog in the Netherlands. Piet was born in Amsterdam in 1951. He graduated as an aeronautical engineer in stability and control at Delft Technical University in 1985, on a thesis in classical autopilot control laws for the Delft laboratory aircraft. He joined the Fokker Aircraft Company as a software engineer and became manager in the flight test data acquisition and dissemination department during the flight testing of the Fokker 50 propliner and Fokker 100 jetliner aircraft. In 1988 Mr. Lammertse moved to the Space division of the company to do control simulations and attitude control design for a scientific infra‐red telescope satellite. After the satellite was launched successfully, he moved to the microgravity department for managing a series of parabolic flight campaigns for ESA. In 1998, he joined the then Fokker Control Systems flight simulation company, now known as MOOG In the Netherlands, to become the R&D manager for medical applications of flight simulator technology. Projects included the MSER force feedback X‐ray machine, and the Roboscope surgical robot for Imperial College of London and Fraunhofer Institute, and the design of the Moog Haptic Master robot. In 2000, Mr. Lammertse became Group Leader of the Medical / Robotics Division of MOOG. Current products of the group include the Wristalyzer neurological diagnostic robot, and the Simodont dental trainer.