Core technology and fields of application

MOOG Robotics is a division of MOOG in the Netherlands. The core technology of MOOG is its patented force‐loop, combined with 25 years of experience in applying this patented technology high performance force‐controlled systems, both hydraulic and electro‐mechanical. Solutions are offered through three different product lines:
- Simulation
- Structural testing
- Robotics

The company offers solutions for control loading, motion and test systems. Control loading encompasses force feedback to control columns and side sticks, steering wheels, pedals, and measuring equipment. The control loading division has an extensive product line both in components and turn‐key systems for this type of application. The motion division covers 6‐DOF electro‐mechanical platforms for simulating the cabin motion of aircraft, helicopters, trains, trucks and submarines. The structural testing group supplies turn‐key solutions for complex, multi‐axis force controlled test equipment. These projects are characterized by high reliability and large numbers of measurement and control channels.

Robotics division

The robotics division started out as a diversification of the aerospace force feedback technology into the medical field, but has grown into a more general supplier of haptics (force feedback) technology and products.

The central product in the rehabilitation field is the “Moog Haptic Master”, or haptic display. This is a lightweight robot, optimized for the force and workspace range of the human arm. It can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from pure haptics research through rehabilitation and surgical assistance, to master‐slave operation in hazardous environments. An important market is certainly that of the virtual reality interface, reflecting the feeling of virtual environments to the human hand in the same way that a vision system displays a virtual world to the human eye.

Movement of the haptic master is much smoother than in normal industrial robots, especially at the high‐ frequency level. The robotics group uses the same technical ingredients for this that are also at the core of the products of the other divisions of Moog, especially in the control loading field, viz. the patented force control loop, and an extensive knowledge of the unique electro‐mechanical and mechatronic requirements put to the hardware by a smooth and transparent interface to the human proprioceptive senses.

Another major product of the Moog Robotics group is the Simodont virtual reality dental trainer.

Role in SCRIPT: leader of WP3, substantial contributions to WP2 and WP4

Expertise in SCRIPT: admittance control, safe robotic interaction, backdrivable design, rehabilitation robot development