R.U.Robots Limited

R U Robots Limited (RUR) is a small and independent advanced robotics company providing custom robotic solutions for a range of clients. Although only set up in 2003, RUR can directly trace its roots to the setting up of UK National Advanced Robotics Research Centre (UK NARRC) in 1988 which was part of the UK government Advanced Robotics Initiative.

R U Robots works with clients to provide robotic and remote handling solutions in a wide range of application areas. Key focus areas are nuclear, defence, construction and the food industry. RUR has also worked in medical, aerospace, rail and general industry application areas. The Company deliverables range from concept and feasibility studies through to full prototype and one‐off build systems.

RUR is capable of designing and building full robot systems but the key skill areas are those of robot control system software, sensor interpretation and integration software and Human‐Robot Interface design and assessment. RUR has also undertaken significant work on advanced robot architectures and uses its own proprietary hierarchical architecture for developing customer solutions and producing cost effective results.

RUR’s customers are varied and range from established robotics areas such as nuclear and security through to emerging areas such as healthcare and food assembly. RUR has also been a key player in EUROP and in the CARE programme which developed the second robotics SRA as well as the current euRobotics programme. The staff of RUR are well networked both at a European and international level and have practical experience of the needs of robotics SMEs.

Role in SCRIPT: leader of WP4, and W9 with contributions to WP1, WP3 and WP7.

Expertise in SCRIPT: RUR have in depth experience of robot control system design and advanced human robot interface development, with particular emphasis on intuitive interfaces for naive users and programming by demonstration. RUR also have considerable experience of developing product prototypes and operating in early stage markets.