WP9- Dissemination, Demonstration & Exploitation

This work package concerns the impact actions of the project. Dissemination activities are aimed at maximising the benefit of the public information generated by the project as well as raising the awareness regarding the efficacy of the system and approach with potential users and other stakeholders. The main dissemination actions will be through a dedicated website, publication of papers in refereed journals and presentation of 2-3 papers at international conferences and relevant workshops (per partner). In order to improve the effect of the dissemination action organisations with large numbers of relevant members will be identified and used to multiply the message channels, e.g. relevant ETPs, Institutes and professional bodies. Finally a series of press releases will be used to notify the media and general public of the aims and achievements of the project. Due to the nature of the project focus it is anticipated that it will be possible to invite a journalist to write an extended article targeting the general public based on the material generated within the project.

Exploitation planning will largely be undertaken by Moog and RUR, as the two commercial partners involved in the project. An exploitation committee will be established to review on a regular basis the foreground IP generated by the project. This committee will also review any intended publications to evaluate if any material needs protection prior to publication. This will, however, be a light touch approach. The main objective of the exploitation committee will be to identify any technologies or concepts that have a rapid path to commercial realisation and to draw up an exploitation plan that identifies the routes to market for those technologies and the commercial interests of all the project partners.

Demonstration activities are undertaken by all partners in an effort to gather further formative evaluation while transferring knowledge and expertise to different audience. These activities will be based on surveying the potential venues such as EURON or EUROP meetings, international conferences and museums with possible exhibition to enable demonstrating the prototypes to a large group of stakeholders. A novel approach to demonstration here is to implement a mechanism where two research institute/organisations can apply for using our near complete prototypes in an effort to externally evaluate our achievement and to demonstrate competency of the chosen approach.