D6.4 Report on data analysis aspect of ethics evaluation

In this deliverable we report the results of 21 focus groups run in three different countries (UK, France and the Netherlands) exploring the views of older people and formal and informal carers of older people on ethical issues arising from the potential use of the ACCOMPANY care-robots. Specifically we sought views on how to resolve potential tensions in practice between the principles proposed in the ethical framework outlined in our previous deliverable (D6.2), and also whether there were further principles to be added to this framework. Participants (n=122) were recruited, and focus groups convened, by four different consortium partners (MADoPA, ZUYD, UH & UB). We believe that this is the first study exploring specifically and in detail the views of older people, and informal and formal carers of older people on the ethical dimensions of the use of care-robots in the homes of older people. The results are reported by group - older people, informal carers of older people and formal carers of older people - according to the main themes that arose in each. The limitations of the study are outlined. The implications of these results for the framework, and their potential impact on how care-robots are integrated into the homes of older people, will be discussed in our next deliverable. This deliverable reports activities specifically under T6.7 and user evaluations being run for T6.6. This deliverable will ultimately feed into T6.8.